Monday, October 19, 2009

Full of It: Joy 100%

So I love it when at the beginning of the weekend you have the feeling like it’s going to be a fantastic weekend, and then you attend yet another YSA (young single adult) conference, one you’ve only missed once in the past 9 almost 10 years. 

Then you get maybe four hours of sleep, drive back to the conference to be back in time for the workshops, lunch (which I didn’t have an sense that I was hungry) and as we were around the lunch table the subject of Go Karting Came Up.  So a good group of friends of mine all jumped into a friends car to go to this indoor go karting race track, to find out it was closed.  After a few rounds of Who Can Do This the Longest (I will explain this at  another date) we soon realized that it was “CLOSED TEMPORARILY”  we didn’t want to head back without doing anything fun so we quickly decided to find out if there was a Laser Tag place nearby which seriously was so much fun.  Although the 20, 8 year old kids persistently ganged up on us it was fun running around in Sunday dress shooting lasers at my friends.

Another awesome part of the weekend was being in the Temple.  I can’t even begin to express that I haven’t fully appreciated being in the temple until very recently, I realized that it is probably one of the best places to be at peace.  I had been attending the temple and serving by proxy and not focusing on how the temple can benefit me.  I get to sit among a great people doing the same service and I feel like all the worry and the weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I then get to think about how far I can go.  I think about the things I need to accomplish spiritually. How much potential I have.  I love it, I can’t wait for the day that I can attend the temple and receive further knowledge and light.  It will definitely be a wonderful day.

I love that I get to spend time with so many amazing people doing things that are of similar interest and that even though we all may be extremely different we get to go and just have Good Clean Fun, without the smells of alcohol and drugs, and the smell of a place that I have no place in with a clear and clean conscience. 

I really appreciate that I have made some amazing choices to be steady and sure and immovable but moving towards a goal where I will have the opportunity to become the woman my family wants me to become, my friends want me to become, I want to become, and my Heavenly Father wants me to become.

I’m so grateful that at the moment that I have my old scriptures, I was really sad to loose the scriptures I’ve had for almost my entire time as a Young Single Adult.  I am also so excited for the new scriptures that I will have.  But since I got my YSA scriptures stolen I had to rely on scriptures that I used to the point where the spine is no longer attached to the bindings of the book.  But I was excited to find that even without the lovely book tabs I was able to find the scriptures that the workshop instructors wanted us to find, I can’t even begin to express that I didn’t even know that I knew the scriptures so well.  I was so excited.

So now that it is way past the time I wanted to stay up, I think I will post this blog for now.  I absolutely loved this weekend.

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