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I've Come a Long Way...

So this post embarks a milestone 30 posts since this blog began, now why am i celebrating this? I am celebrating this because i've blogged in the past and never been very consistant. I very recently came across an old website of mine that was my first attempt at any blogging at all and i was amazed that i was still a pretty smart chick. It was way back when i was still studying to be a Library Gal. Wow, so little time has passed 7 years but it seems like a lifetime. I have to say my priorities have changed a little bit since then, now I'm a working Library Gal and I have changed my focus to include my crazy attempts at dating and defining myself more. I have to say along the way I do want to share things I'm extremely proud of and seriously excited for.
I can't wait to share more.. I'm trying to figure out blogger and I'm really hoping to include more of made me a remarkable person.
I'm into a little bit of everything and I'd love to know what people wo…

The Great Non-Date Fiasco

So Very Recently a new guy joined the church and our fair little branch. It was great he seemed like a nice guy (and yes he is a nice guy) he's funny, and sweet, and exactly my age. So automatically I'm like sweet, I'll have someone to relate to because there is no one born in my year of birth that is a guy anymore because the last one got married (which was fine) he and I are good friends.

So this "new" guy and I have been striking up some pretty amazing conversation and I was finally ready to ask this guy out on a "date".

Here's where the trouble happened.

I wanted to make sure that he didn't know it was an actual date because I didn't want him to "run & scatter"

So I proceeded to ask him to go to the temple activity that was two weeks from the day I asked him. No problem, well enough in advance and he didn't have a problem with it.

So the next Sunday I find out that one of the councillors in the branch presidency had secu…

The Incredible Shrinking Shirt Size

So, I just like to mention that I am trying to work on my weight management and everything, In the meantime, recently I went to find out what my proper bra size was and it turned out that I was completey wrong in my bra size and i went from a larger cup size to a much smaller once
(a C to a B)

So then several months later I went to the same clothing store and found out that i went from a 2x to a 1x.. I was so shocked I couldn't believe it. I then bought some nice 1x tops that I fell in love with.

So we have these stores in Canada that are Superstores, you can get groceries, pharmacy, beauty, electronics, and clothes all in one store (Walmart Superstores) Called Great Canadian Superstore and they have a Clothing line called joe

So I was there to pick up a couple of groceries yesterday and I passed by the joe section in the store and saw a cute top and was like, hey that looks long enough, it's modest and has a cute accent on the shoulders of the sleeves, I should try it on.

So I as…

Sprite Update

Upon my recent Break Up With Sprite This News Article about BPA (Bisphenol A) appeared on one of the websites i visit.. BPA Found In Pop Cans I feel like I may have dodged a bullet!


So Very Recently I Bought a Really Nice Knit Hat from a fancy hat store (i love it, it's adorable) It's green. But without knowing it about a week or so previous to buying the hat, I had bought some nice green yarn which was an almost similar shade of green to make a scarf with. In the Past I have been a starter of knitted or crochet items but I'm more determined than ever to complete this project. So I've been knitting away, and last night while I was working on my scarf when alas I reach THE KNOT OF DOOM yes, this knot then made it into the KNOT BALL HALL OF FAME FOR ME, and after about a half an hour, I KILLED THE KNOT OF DOOM and untangled all the yarn and it is all in a nice big Yarn Ball now. Which makes me very excited because now I can keep knitting and if i need more yarn which i probably will, I know to TRY not to make another KNOT OF DOOM.. I'll have to be more careful. But Sheesh Don't they make yarn not to not so you can actually knit it properly..

I'm Breaking Up With You Sprite!

So Once Upon a Time when I was in High School. I bought a bottle of Sprite almost daily and drank it and put it in my locker.
My Locker Friend who had his locker next to mine, at the time suggested I see if I could try and see how many bottles I could fit in my locker, the last day of school came and went and I can't even remember how many bottles of sprite i had drunk throughout that year.
Many years since then, I have had a can, a cup, or a bottle of this stuff. Until at least two weeks ago when I realized that I wasn't out buying it anymore, or drinking it.. I had decide last tuesday (Pancake Tuesday) that I was going to give it up for LENT (a practice that isn't practiced by the LDS) but I thought I would give it a shot and give it up, not buy it, not drink it.
I almost gave in today because I went out and bought gas at a gas station and had the thought, "You know what would be nice right now, an Aero Bar and a Sprite" but my other thought was. Maybe another …