Friday, March 6, 2009


So Very Recently I Bought a Really Nice Knit Hat from a fancy hat store (i love it, it's adorable) It's green. But without knowing it about a week or so previous to buying the hat, I had bought some nice green yarn which was an almost similar shade of green to make a scarf with.
In the Past I have been a starter of knitted or crochet items but I'm more determined than ever to complete this project. So I've been knitting away, and last night while I was working on my scarf when alas I reach THE KNOT OF DOOM yes, this knot then made it into the KNOT BALL HALL OF FAME FOR ME, and after about a half an hour, I KILLED THE KNOT OF DOOM and untangled all the yarn and it is all in a nice big Yarn Ball now.
Which makes me very excited because now I can keep knitting and if i need more yarn
which i probably will, I know to TRY not to make another KNOT OF DOOM.. I'll have to be more careful. But Sheesh Don't they make yarn not to not so you can actually knit it properly..

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