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I Really Don't Believe It..

This by far was one of the craziest days ever... well yesterday was also a crazy day but let's start with that.

On Sunday Night I had to drive my brother home to my mom's house and on the way home my battery light in my car started flickering for no reason so my mom and I checked it out and couldn't see what was wrong with the car.

So Yesterday I called the Mechanic place and they said to come right down. I also had a job interview to attend that afternoon and was 99% sure that my car would be okay and it was just the battery and I'd be able to get the battery looked after and then go onward to my job interview.


It didn't end up that way...

I got a good third into the trip when my car battery and alternator gave up the ghost and I was stranded on the shoulder of the road for roadside assistance.

I waited there for Roadside Assistance for about 1 and 1/2 hours.

I was sure glad that I was able to call Roadside assistance and the place where my job interview was …

Thoughts... Thoughts... And More Thoughts...

I just thought I'd do a quick update post and tell you of all the places I have been to over the summer..

I am more than grateful to not only spend a week in PEI but spend some time in Nauvoo Illinois. I can't even begin to express my immense gratitude for the Peace that is felt in both places and the huge church historical significance in Nauvoo.

I got to see the Nauvoo Pageant while I was there and it was awesome!

I really have to go back!

Carthage Jail

Nauvoo Temple

Joseph Smith Statue Right Across the Street from the Temple.

Photo I took from across the street of the Temple


Kissing a Frog - Hoping he'll be a handsome prince

A Kangaroo in PEI?!?!

Although the weather was crummy in PEI we did get to see Anne and Gilbert and it was fabulous. It's going to be in Ontario for a month so do go see it. You won't want to miss it for the world. It is an awesome musical with even better music.

Beautifying my Life

I can't begin to express my overwhelming desire for this painting. When I saw it in a Random Framing/Art Store back in 2002-2003. I was taken so aback because it's just so unbelievably gorgeous. I love this painting!

I love that Christ is portrayed with a smile in this painting by Liz Lemon Swindle. He's having such a good time with the kids who are pictured in this photo. I have come to appreciate many depictions of the Savior but this one is awesome. I was in a friends home recently and she had this print framed in her front hall. It's so fantastic!

Things I've Found Today that have been great :)

I don't know if people have seen this video or not but it is awesome.It has pictures from the Life of Christ and it's put to Come Thou Fount it's very very good and very very well done. I like this version of Come Thou Fount.

I was also browsing the Time Out For Women board and found this blog posted about who we LDS people are Just for the Record

so that's it for the moment.

"I'm Pretty Sure Girls are Smarter Than Boys Because They Picked Us To Marry!"

Well I can't think of a better way to begin this blogging session without the 'QUOTE OF THE WEEK' It came from the principal at the one school I work at and he was talking to the kids on the Chess Team. I was like seriously, the greatest quote of the week!

I have been thinking a lot about my last post and sure I was a little hurt and maybe a little bitter I think I've just got to learn to get past it and forget about it. I've come to realize that I don't want to have any regrets and I don't regret what I wrote but It disappoints me that I felt that I SHOULD write it. Sure I value their friendship maybe a little more than others consider it but if they don't want to have me out and hang out with them that's perfectly fine. I can definitely think of other things to do from now on when things are happening. I can find a zillion things to do whether it be to go visit other people who want to hang out with me or find time to expand myself and get a b…

check this video out

I Still Can't Get Over it.. I'm sorry Pluto You Just didn't make the Cut.

in 1930, Clyde Tombaugh discovered a ninth planet. An 11 year old named Venetia Burney named it Pluto, after the Roman god of the Underworld, because it was dark and mysterious. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union voted to demote Pluto from planet to dwarf-planet status. The scientists decided Pluto was not big enough, not round enough, and too close to Neptune. Turns out Pluto had a lot of fans, and they were quite upset when their favourite planet got downgraded.

I know this isn't New News but I was a fan of Pluto. Sorry Pluto. Looks Like I won't be adventuring to outer space to see what you look like anytime soon.

Amid the Thing We Like to Call The Weekend, Sorry If This Appears Like I'm Venting!

So I have about 20 minutes to blog my heart out before I indeed "START" working, it sometimes takes me awhile to get started. And since today is monday I have to try to start working twice as hard because it usually takes me longer to get to work.

So This weekend was alright, I didn't do a heck of a lot since I really didn't want to do anything or go anywhere, I did however, want to go out either friday or saturday it really didn't matter to me however, that entire plan was kiboshed for several factors! It would have been nice to get to hang out with a friend of mine who is leaving for the SUMMER SEMESTER and possibly into FALL SEMESTER @ BYU!

1. I wasn't officially invited
2. I accidently found out something was going on

Here's the little back story.

in October there was a YSA conference in Boston (a general authority was speaking, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, I believe) I pretty much did all the leg work, finding out about it (I emailed one of the CES Directors…

Toes, More Idol Thoughts, Teachers/Educational Assistants/Bullying Teacher, and Other Thoughts

So Apparently I did something today and my large toe on my left foot is now probably bruised beyond measure.. and it hurts like no tomorrow

Apparenlty someone thinks that LDS people are better at singing than anyone else here. It's a good article but, I think may people will stick to the theory that we can sing and dance. We are Multi-Talented sometimes.

So There are currently two people who I do not enjoy at my job mainly because they either think they know everything or ask the dumbest questions.

For example the door to both libraries lead out into the hallways which is no big deal when the door is open and no one is in the hallway, however, I have learned to close the door when it gets super noisy in the hallway. I also close my door if it is warmer than it is in the hallway or cooler than it is in the hallway so that I can maintain the temperature of the library so either way it's open because i say "Welcome" or "Closed, But You Can Come In!" I just eith…

And If the Beef Didn't Walk All The Way to Toronto...

So a cattle truck tipped over this morning on one of the major highways to Toronto and caused utter chaos this morning for those on their way to work. Some news stories can be found here. The Results of the Cattle Crawl can also be found there. They rescued three cows and shot the forth because it was charging at people. Which In regards to animal cruelty in is sad but what else are you supposed to do when a cow is charging after you besides RUN! apparently they just didn't get to the tranquillizer gun in time and ended up shooting him.

Thank You, American Idol! Well, I was driving to work this morning and I normally have my radio off because I like to think about things and not every day of the week but maybe three out of the five days of the business week or I have my MP3 Player plugged in and I'm listening to that.
So I'm listening to the radio station that I normally listen to on my way to work and this guy goes on about how he was reading someone's bio who was probab…

I don't understand why

So I was recently hired in January by the school board in my region as a library technician and I recently received an email from one of the computer technicians with the school board who told me that my H: drive was oversized so I was at the one school I work at yesterday and got rid of and deleted old files. Then I emailed the computer technician back and told her that it was taken care of and I then received an email back stating that it was at the other school.

So today when I was at the other school today and found file after file, file folder after file folder and image after image on the computer that the previous to the previous library technician had probably put on the computer.

My question to you is. if you knew you were going to be at a different school than the original school you were at the next year wouldn't you delete all the files you didn't need anymore so that the new person to the job wouldn't have to go through all the files, folders, etc. and not know…

Things... Of Which... Have Happened over the weekend and some thoughts

So I was walking into Wal-mart Tonight and there was a booth set up for Girl Guide Cookies and of course the first thing I thought was I miss not only eating those cookies but selling those cookies. I might even consider getting some this year so that I can hold onto a little bit of some goodness that was amazing. It's unfortunate that the original maker of the cookies didn't continue making them for the Girl Guides.

Last Night

Last Night I attended a YSA fireside in Brampton and the speakers were the Former Temple President and His Wife and they spoke about how important Education Is and also Public Affairs of the Church in regards to Correcting Incorrect information as well as promoting the church in a positive light through positive things.

On December 15, 2007 Elder M. Russell Ballard (whom I have personally come in contact with in at least the past 6 months through another YSA (Young Single Adult) Fireside spoke at the Commencement at BYU-Hawaii and spoke about the fact t…

family, pies, and friends

tres busy day, I got to see my grandma today and that was great :)

she looks so much better than even the last time I saw her.

got to hang out with some pretty darn amazing people last night and it was fun
we made pies (which I clearly suck at but hey what can you do) I don't know how
to use a rolling pin!

and the we had a good dinner (of which i ended up having a tooth ache and didn't want to eat anymore.

but then i had ice cream and some how it always makes me feel better!

and now I've got a little bit of work left for my mom and then I can head home and go to bed
which I am so looking forward too!

oh and finishing oceans 13! I could have sworn that I had oceans 12 on vhs somewhere but i've got to get oceans 12 and 11 on dvd!!

that's it for now!

Moving?? - Or am I testing the waters..

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I'm trying to write more often, we'll see how that goes.

well after all that For Good Musing I went shopping, yay.

but after how much money I spent on little things Whoa. Won't do that again for awhile.

but I probably will, not the next pay cheque because it won't be very much because of the March Break and I don't know how much I'll get paid for the break!

Anyway, I got a new journal and it's Tres snazzy makes me feel important to write into it. I'm going to try writing daily in it to and see what happens. I always seem to forget about it and go back months later and go.. man.. why didn't i keep writing in it.

anyway, I've got to kick my Addiction to Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Now that they're around almost 365 days a year. Holy Crap. I don't know how many I've eaten but they're getting eaten, I will probably buy one more back before easter alone. and I've eaten a lot of bags.

anyway, i'm hap…