Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I don't understand why

So I was recently hired in January by the school board in my region as a library technician and I recently received an email from one of the computer technicians with the school board who told me that my H: drive was oversized so I was at the one school I work at yesterday and got rid of and deleted old files. Then I emailed the computer technician back and told her that it was taken care of and I then received an email back stating that it was at the other school.

So today when I was at the other school today and found file after file, file folder after file folder and image after image on the computer that the previous to the previous library technician had probably put on the computer.

My question to you is. if you knew you were going to be at a different school than the original school you were at the next year wouldn't you delete all the files you didn't need anymore so that the new person to the job wouldn't have to go through all the files, folders, etc. and not know what was important and not know what to delete and waste her time figuring out what to do next.

I emailed the previous to the previous library technician to see what she would have to say we'll see what happens and I'll post again with the results!

(original post accidently deleted)

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Kar said...

Whoa. It's working now. I don't know what happened before, unless you figured it out. Anyway, nice you meet you!

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