Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Toes, More Idol Thoughts, Teachers/Educational Assistants/Bullying Teacher, and Other Thoughts

So Apparently I did something today and my large toe on my left foot is now probably bruised beyond measure.. and it hurts like no tomorrow

Apparenlty someone thinks that LDS people are better at singing than anyone else here. It's a good article but, I think may people will stick to the theory that we can sing and dance. We are Multi-Talented sometimes.

So There are currently two people who I do not enjoy at my job mainly because they either think they know everything or ask the dumbest questions.

For example the door to both libraries lead out into the hallways which is no big deal when the door is open and no one is in the hallway, however, I have learned to close the door when it gets super noisy in the hallway. I also close my door if it is warmer than it is in the hallway or cooler than it is in the hallway so that I can maintain the temperature of the library so either way it's open because i say "Welcome" or "Closed, But You Can Come In!" I just either want to keep the noise at a minimum or the temperature at a good temperature. So yesterday the school's boilers didn't work at all which made the school "ICE COLD" so when it did kick back in I wanted to retain what LITTLE heat I had left and this Bullying Teacher (Who doesn't bully, but teaches about bullying) came in and said "Why Is The Door Closed" I replied "Because It's warmer in here than in the Hallway" and she basically looked at me like I was crazy!

I have another story about an EA here at this other school but I'll leave it for another day.

So Things I am Looking Forward to

1. TOFW (Time Out for Women) approx 67 days until then, still looking into hotel room, should do it soon!

2. I Get Paid Tomorrow (YAY!) it's not a big pay but it will go towards some wonderful things including helping Dad and buying gas for my car!

3. Juno - 21 Days Until DVD comes out!

4. Still Reading A Perfect Gentle Knight - Kit Pearson (All Sorts of Love for this Book)

5. (a hard days night, pride and prejudice (BBC Version), Breaking Dawn, Sisterhood of the travelling pants - paperbacks!, new camera) - list of things to purchase

6. I want to dress up my blog a bit but don't really know how, and I do want to take new pics.. but I don't know when, I'll have to figure that out!

7. The School Day is Almost Over - 3 minutes left.

8. I put all the books that have been catalogued on the "New Book Rack" today! GO ME!

9. I found 33 books that I will shortly be cataloguing via AMICUS (also known as the cataloguing lifesaver) so I don't have to do all the cataloguing myself!

that's it for now. how is everyone else!?!?


Kar said...

JUNO! I'm so excited! I absolutely lurved that movie.

Shop Girl* said...

Hey!! If you need any help dressing up your blog... let me know! I might be able to give you a hand!!

I hope your foot feels better... :)

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