Friday, March 14, 2008

Moving?? - Or am I testing the waters..

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I'm trying to write more often, we'll see how that goes.

well after all that For Good Musing I went shopping, yay.

but after how much money I spent on little things Whoa. Won't do that again for awhile.

but I probably will, not the next pay cheque because it won't be very much because of the March Break and I don't know how much I'll get paid for the break!

Anyway, I got a new journal and it's Tres snazzy makes me feel important to write into it. I'm going to try writing daily in it to and see what happens. I always seem to forget about it and go back months later and go.. man.. why didn't i keep writing in it.

anyway, I've got to kick my Addiction to Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Now that they're around almost 365 days a year. Holy Crap. I don't know how many I've eaten but they're getting eaten, I will probably buy one more back before easter alone. and I've eaten a lot of bags.

anyway, i'm happy with some of the things I've purchased last night i got some new movies "thank you blockbuster for buy 2 movies get one free! I got Night @ The Museum (Which I Love), Oceans 13 which i haven't seen yet, so excited to watch it! And Sidney White. So Very Cute, Little Plot but it followed the Snow White Fairy Tale Very Very Well.

one recent purchase that I made through one of blockbusters sales was The Heartbreak Kid. Tres Heartbreaking. I love Ben Stiller but who ever thought of this movie should be taken out behind a tree and beaten with a stick. IT was AWFUL. THE Language & "SEX" scenes were HORRIBLE!!

and I want to take it back to blockbuster but there is nothing wrong with the DvD! Grr.. Stupid Blockbuster for not taking back a movie that I want to trade it in for something better!!!!

Anyway, My Friend KOS (taking the name out to protect her identity) and I are going to have an OFFICE party when The OFFICE returns in April. We were thinking about doing it online like on the episode "The Launch Party" that would be awesome!!! so one of us can flip out like Michael and one of us can be Dwight.. oh man..

I was on my way to do stuff last night and I was driving down the "HILL" aka the Escarpment when Four Deer decided to cross the road! Holy Cow, it freaked me out for a moment but then I was like, that has only ever happened one other time to me. I need to take a breath and watch! SO VERY COOL!

So. that's my story for today and I'm sticking to it.

By the way.. UnPlowed Roads in Sub-divisions NOT FUN @ ALL! I hate to think that I'm wreaking my car!

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Hey - I am certainly happy to find this. Good job!

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