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weekend whirlwind photo story

so whatever you can guess from these pictures is probably true

picture #1 my car i was driving to church for general conference on saturday when i got to the bottom of the escarpment where the stop light was red and my ford stalled, I then got it restarted (thank goodness!) then promptly after conference I went to get my oil changed since getting it changed the car seems fine. picture #2 - Jane Bennett I think this is the second time in blog history I'm mentioning Pride and Prejudice (GO ME!) I watched it consecutavely over two days with my dad (yay dad, for watching it!) I told him that the dress Jane wears at the end when she's being proposed to is a potential wedding dress/temple dress for me, when I tie the knot & go to the temple one day! I also bought an austen inspired novel over the weekend from Mr. Darcy's point of view, should be a good read
picture # 3 - Thomas S. Monson General Conference was fantastic. I love it when the talks are inspired and especially meanin…