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thoughts and more thoughts

I’m not afraid to say that I’ve kissed a frog, I’ve had several crushes that lasted for a long time and a really long friendship that could have been a relationship on more than one occasion and it never really manifested itself into anything beyond a friendship.I’ve come to realize that I value people more and more and it just becomes difficult to even see that a relationship with another guy.  I don’t give up on that though, I can see myself where I want to be I just have the utmost patience too much maybe that It’s hard to see where the blessings are.I’ve really come to understand that I don’t really know what I’m looking for.  I have come to know that I know I’m looking for someone who will love me unconditionally but I don’t have any other sort of list of looks or attributes.  I just know that I want to be sealed and stay together for eternity.  I don’t want to have my future posterity to live through hardships like I have. I pray constantly to understand what love really is.  I’…

Happenings in the Right Direction

So I don’t have much news but the good thing is that in the past week or so I have applied to two new jobs which is a great step into the right direction.  They are two jobs I am qualified for I just have to pray and hope that I have the chance for an interview.  So pray for me.In other news I also had quite the awakening and I feel like I really need to rely on assistance from my Heavenly Father.  Things brings about my need to read my scriptures more often I’ve always tried to read the ensign and other LDS speeches online but I need to focus on reading my scriptures.  It really does make my day much more smoother.  I had a funny thing happen because of reading my scriptures, I have read my scriptures one day and that entire day everything went completely wrong but It was like I really didn’t get upset.  It just seemed like it was completely normal that everything could possibly go wrong.I made another new goal for myself.  Between May 08 to June of this year I bought approximately 3…