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Wouldn't You Like To Know Who Your Soul Mate Was?

Matched By Ally Condie
I bet you weren't expecting another book review so soon, maybe you were, but I don't know how many people are reading my blog right now, it might just be me.  I am expecting to do a couple of blog layout changes again shortly, but I couldn't resist another review.  
A good friend of mine Sis M. in our branch recommended this book to me and couldn't get it into my hands fast enough, except for the fact that she had already leant the book out to someone else. (BUMMER!)  Fortunately, it was like a ghost haunting me or something because I would see it in the bookstore and be instantly drawn to it.  
I had actually read another book by Ally Condie, she had written a series for LDS youth and I picked up the first one in the series and it was a super quick read as well. I didn't realize that they were one in the same until I had read her bio on her website.  It was like, NOW I DEFINATELY NEED TO READ MATCHED!

So on with the Book Review!
So in this societ…


The Book I have to say that I get way to excited when it comes to movie adaptations of books that I read, want to read, or have read.  There have been several times when I've been completely disappointed because the movie changed lots of the story, left story out, or added stuff that wasn't in the story. 
I'm so excited that I was going to read the book, because my previous book was just a huge and long and arduous process to read that when I read Water for Elephants it was just a fast and eventful from PAGE ONE! Horray!
I do have to say that there is some content in the book that was a little naughty, but if you prevail with reading it you will end up with such a satisfying story.
I was really enlightened because I really haven't read a lot of what is considered "ADULT" fiction.  I have been in the Teen/Young Adult area of literature that I was afraid of reading content that was just inappropriate.
I do have to say just keep reading it.  Running Away With the Ci…