Friday, December 21, 2012

Giveaway Extended until Next Friday

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season.

I haven't had any entries to my giveaway but I hope someone wants to win some great books to give to the mothers or soon to be mothers in your life.

Giveaway ends on Friday December 28, 2012 at 10pm [est]

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Little Bit About My Love of Music and A Giveaway!

Welcome Blog readers from everywhere,

I have been given such a wonderful opportunity to provide a giveaway today through YOURLDSRADIO and YOURLDSMUSIC

But I thought first I would tell you a little bit about how I came across LDS music.

When I was sixteen years old I was finding that a lot of the music that was out there contained vulgar and suggestive lyrics.

I really thought that as a Latter Day Saint and by reading the Strength for Youth Pamphlet that I really should listen to music that is uplifting and inspiring and came across Gospel Music and Christian Music.

A year later I attended an EFY (Especially for Youth) conference in Calgary, Alberta Canada and received my very first EFY CD A Season for Courage.  I listened to that CD more times then I could count and could  sing many of the songs off by heart.  They not only became a comfort but became an inspiration and council through the lyrics.  I have since bought many EFY CD's and many other CD's by other LDS artists and have really come to love the music that has been inspired by the spirit.

I recently received an email from Your LDS Radio/Your LDS Music.  asking if I would like to do a giveaway on my blog.  It seemed like the perfect way to introduce my love of LDS music and have the opportunity to start writing again on my blog.

Offers Songbooks, Music, Sheet Music, CDS, and MP3 Downloads

I Have Been Asked to Give Away Two Fantastic Books on Motherhood.


Both Books Would Make a Wonderful Addition to Any Woman Entering Motherhood and Any Woman who is already a Mother.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I would photograph your heart

I would look into your eyes
I would see into your soul
I would hear the beat of the drum in your heart
I would feel your warm embrace
I would examine all your beauty
I would clasp my hand in yours
I would kiss your forehead deeply

a chance to win this camera, 


Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Have a Song Written On my Heart Right now

I just thought I would share it with you.  

I have much to share with the blog world.

A lot of ups and downs have happened in a month

and I would love to share them with you!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well That's A Fine How Do You Do... Ringing in 2012

Post Numero 75!  I can't believe it.  I've known it was coming for quite a while but I wanted to wait for a "Perfect" moment to write.  2012 seems like a good opportunity to do so.  I am actually quite excited by it.  I actually really couldn't figure out what to write as post 75.  I am really excited for the year ahead.  I really want to strive to be not only a better person, but a better blogger.  I'm also really excited to know that I have some fantastic resolutions and I'm really excited about that as well.  I am really hoping that they last the entire 366 days this year. Yes my friends this year is a leap year!  I decided to write a list of goals as this post as I can go back and look at it again and again.  I might even post it on my own wall so I see it everyday!  I was aiming for 75 things, but as you can see...  there are more than that.  Funny things happen at 3:20am!!  I need to stop or I will have like 300 goals for one year.. haha!

I really want to

Spiritual Goals

* attend the temple at least once a month (receive my endowment)
* pay my tithing on a regular basis
* pray
* read my scriptures daily
* read/watch/listen to general conference talks, firesides
* be able to serve in the best capacity of my calling(s)
* be a great visiting teacher
* be an instrument in the hands of the Lord when called upon
* receive my patriarchal blessing
* fast with a purpose
* share my testimony as much as I can
* give away a copy of The Book of Mormon
* share the gospel with someone and Introduce them to the Missionaries
* write in my journal
* Love Heavenly Father More than I do now
* Notice the Small Things
* Appreciate the Big Things
* Show Gratitute for my Trials
* See My Worth
* Read the Book of Mormon in 24 hours
* Seek Repentance when Necessary
* Show Forgiveness when Necessary
* Attend Institute
* Attend As Many YSA activities as I can
* Seek Wisdom from my Leaders
* Pray for my Leaders
* Pray for my Family
* Pray for my Friends
* Pray for my Future Spouse and Family
* Read the Book of Mormon in 30 days
* Attend FHE
* Get Rid of Fear
* Have Faith

Healthy Goals

* take care of myself with daily grooming habits
* do my hair for special events
* try to put on makeup for no reason
* exercise (Wii Fit, Zumba, YMCA)
* eat more healthy (vegetables, fruit)
* learn how to cook more
* try to eat three meals a day
* prepare meals so that I don't eat late at night
* go to bed earlier

Family Goals

* tell my family how much I love them
* be able to communicate effectively
* spend more time with them
* make them proud
* write letters to them often (email & snail mail)
* do things for them without complaint
* do things for them without being asked
* ask if they would like to do something, me to do something, etc.
* share my testimony with my family

Habitat Goals

* keep a tidy environment (try to make it calming)
* organize my books
* organize my movies
* create a binder to record what I own regarding books and movies

Personal Goals

* Be the Best Friend I can be
* Show Compassion
* don't be afraid of the phone
* get a job (leads to career in my field
* read at least one book a month
* blog often
* make cards with my cricut and mail them away
* give/toss things I don't need anymore
* give service to a community organization
* Smile Always
* Laugh
* Choose the Best
* Learn to play Piano
* Buy a Violin
* Buy A Ticket to Utah
* Travel
* Phone people for no reason, just to say Hi
* Manage Money Effectively
* Pay down Debt
* Pay family back for things they have done for me
* Put Forth More Effort into things
* Find a new skill
* Learn a new skill
* Take a night course/weekend course/day course
* Beat my Mom at Boggle
* Write Letters to Everyone for no reason
* Get to know people better
* Pin on Pinterest

Career Goals

* Apply to Jobs I am qualified for (no matter where they are)
* Prepare for every interview
* Write notes of appreciation for the interview panel/person
* Work hard at the current jobs I have, do more than what I think I can do
* Work effectively and try to leave place better than I found it
* Make sure I write letters to the people I supply for so they know what I did
* Write notes of appreciation for those people I supply for so they see that I am grateful for what I do
* Follow up after the interview with a phone call no matter what
* Accept every supply call unless the weather is really bad

Looking Forward

There are some things I have been thinking about recently that are basically summed up in this thought from Matthew Hussey, who is a relati...