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Giveaway Extended until Next Friday

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season.

I haven't had any entries to my giveaway but I hope someone wants to win some great books to give to the mothers or soon to be mothers in your life.

Giveaway ends on Friday December 28, 2012 at 10pm [est]

So Enter Now!

A Little Bit About My Love of Music and A Giveaway!

Welcome Blog readers from everywhere,

I have been given such a wonderful opportunity to provide a giveaway today through YOURLDSRADIO and YOURLDSMUSIC

But I thought first I would tell you a little bit about how I came across LDS music.

When I was sixteen years old I was finding that a lot of the music that was out there contained vulgar and suggestive lyrics.

I really thought that as a Latter Day Saint and by reading the Strength for Youth Pamphlet that I really should listen to music that is uplifting and inspiring and came across Gospel Music and Christian Music.

A year later I attended an EFY (Especially for Youth) conference in Calgary, Alberta Canada and received my very first EFY CD A Season for Courage.  I listened to that CD more times then I could count and could  sing many of the songs off by heart.  They not only became a comfort but became an inspiration and council through the lyrics.  I have since bought many EFY CD's and many other CD's by other LDS artists a…

I would photograph your heart

I would look into your eyes I would see into your soul I would hear the beat of the drum in your heart I would feel your warm embrace I would examine all your beauty I would clasp my hand in yours I would kiss your forehead deeply
a chance to win this camera, 

I Have a Song Written On my Heart Right now

I just thought I would share it with you.  
I have much to share with the blog world.
A lot of ups and downs have happened in a month
and I would love to share them with you!

Well That's A Fine How Do You Do... Ringing in 2012

Post Numero 75!  I can't believe it.  I've known it was coming for quite a while but I wanted to wait for a "Perfect" moment to write.  2012 seems like a good opportunity to do so.  I am actually quite excited by it.  I actually really couldn't figure out what to write as post 75.  I am really excited for the year ahead.  I really want to strive to be not only a better person, but a better blogger.  I'm also really excited to know that I have some fantastic resolutions and I'm really excited about that as well.  I am really hoping that they last the entire 366 days this year. Yes my friends this year is a leap year!  I decided to write a list of goals as this post as I can go back and look at it again and again.  I might even post it on my own wall so I see it everyday!  I was aiming for 75 things, but as you can see...  there are more than that.  Funny things happen at 3:20am!!  I need to stop or I will have like 300 goals for one year.. haha!

I really w…