Friday, February 27, 2009

If I Lost My Camera,

I would want someone to post that they had found it and they were willing to return it on this site Found Cameras and Orphaned Pictures

A Happy Coincidence

I love when you don't realize you've written something
until after the fact.
authorbee sent me a message and I replied
and it turned into this!
it's the small things that crack me up!

A Little Bit of Drive & A Little Bit of Motivation

So this past monday night we had our lovely YSA FHE and I was in charge of the activity so we had a photo scavenger hunt..

It turns out that it was a ton of fun.

Here are a couple of photos from our journeys.

A Little Penguin Love
University Tower Happiness and COLDNESS!

Mad Driving Skills (Blindfolded, What!?!)

I had everyone high fiving, feet measuring, showing off their mad tableau skills for Book of Mormon and Doctine and Covenants stories.

I can't believe it went over so well & that I want to do it again! I had fun thinking of creative things and laughing the entire night and I'm still laughing at these pictures..

I Love You!

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Happiness is the most attractive accessory a young woman can have."

Books Books and More Books
Have you Ever Felt Like This?
Not only Do I feel Like This On a Regular Basis But I have a Ton of Reading Material that is not only taking over my shelves (it already has) but it has now appeared in boxes and laundry baskets throughout my room. The books are talking to me begging to me that they want to be read.. I can't wait to start them and finish them!

Here are a couple of titles I've started but still have to finish

and here are some books I can't wait to start

Friday, February 20, 2009

Yes I am A Librarian...

Today I had a student come up to me and basically mock me to my face because I went to school to be a librarian.

Yes I went to school

Yes I have a diploma/degree

I do more than shelve books

or sit on my duff and tell people to "SHH"

Yes I am smarter than you and can block every single game site you go on because you should be in a class or elsewhere because computers are for class work purposes only.

NO Facebook, NO MSN, No GAMES!


I love that grade 11 & 12 boys think they're smarter than me..

I have a special program that can block you every single game you try.


I know my software, my databases, my internet search engines



as much as I love filling in for the library techs of the board one thing will never change.
High School Students who think that there isn't anything else to do but play games
High School Students Who Talk Back To the Librarian
High School Students Who Continually Think I don't know what I'm talking about.

I think that principals & teachers should be aware of where all their students are. I know you are busy and have other classes but they should definately be checked up on so that they can be dealt with the proper concequences.

One thing that I will not tolerate from now on is the fact that they think everything is a joke when I come in as a supply and think that they can take over.

Just pull up your pants and realize you soon will be an adult.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Little More Love.. A Little More Appreciation

So I started off my week with Family day where I didn't do anything at all that day except watch television and veg in front of the tv. I did spend time with my dad though so that was a plus.

A Big Highlight of my week was getting to go over to my friend Belle's house to watch...

Pride & Prejudice!

Words Cannot Express How Much I Love This version... As Much as I love...

Which were also provided for consumption.. Which is always the best thing in the world!

So I was blog-surfing again today and found MORE great websites

one said website lead to this YouTube Video

Haven't You Always Wondered What News Anchors Do During Commericals?

The Wii Connundrum

I really want one! I will have some money to buy one, but there are so many other things that I could do with the money like..

  • pay off more student loan
  • pay off more of my car
  • go on a road trip
  • go on a vacation (PEI, North Carolina, Utah, Calgary, I can't decide where)
  • buy books
  • buy church books
  • save money to buy an even bigger item, left to be determined.

I think that is all I've got to say at the moment, I've been trying to update for two days and I saved it yesterday because I ran out of time.

So Hopefully I'll have more to write soon, within the next day or so. I'm really hoping to become a more frequent blogger.

Chow for now!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

quotables.. and other things..

"make a list of important thigns to do. At the top of your list, put 'Eat Chocolate!' Now you know you can get at least one thing done today..

the excuse I've been really busy is an understatement. I was working at one of my favourite places in the entire world from October '08to the Beginning '09 A BOOKSTORE! I loved it and I miss it entirely!

On The Flipside, since not being employed at the bookstore. I have worked almost every day in elementary school and high school libraries February minus a couple of days.

Not only that.. I got a RAISE with both of the school boards I work for so when pay day comes on friday and two fridays from now.. i'll have a good sum of money..

So Very Exciting! :D

in other news. i've found a couple of blogs at the right side of the blog that i've come across that I like. Feel Free to Check them out! They're From Different aspects and viewpoints but they're also kinda cool. :)

Looking Forward

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