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I'm Sorry That You Bled From That Pore For Me... The Power of Forgiveness Story

I didn't realize this week that I would receive not only a story about the Atonement this week at church but I would also receive and realize and and have it practiced in my life so quickly that I would be able to connect the two.
On Sunday a missionary Elder Fawcett told the branch about this story where a young man goes travelling through the canyons in Utah. He's driving his car along and then for whatever reason he gets into a really terrible car accident.  Search and rescue is called and the car is wedged in such a way that it is difficult to get this young man out of the car because one of the steel metal pieces is going through his stomach.  The search and rescue team has two of it's members try to dislodge this steel from around him and they try to make it so their isn't so much more pain and pressure on the injury to his stomach.   As they do this a single droplet of blood expires from a pore in his forehead.  Elder Fawcett then said, if this much pain and angu…

Something Exciting is Coming Soon!

My Very First Ever Giveaway is happening Soon!  
Let me tell you I'm just very, very, very excited about it.
I can't wait to share it with you!