Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well That's A Fine How Do You Do... Ringing in 2012

Post Numero 75!  I can't believe it.  I've known it was coming for quite a while but I wanted to wait for a "Perfect" moment to write.  2012 seems like a good opportunity to do so.  I am actually quite excited by it.  I actually really couldn't figure out what to write as post 75.  I am really excited for the year ahead.  I really want to strive to be not only a better person, but a better blogger.  I'm also really excited to know that I have some fantastic resolutions and I'm really excited about that as well.  I am really hoping that they last the entire 366 days this year. Yes my friends this year is a leap year!  I decided to write a list of goals as this post as I can go back and look at it again and again.  I might even post it on my own wall so I see it everyday!  I was aiming for 75 things, but as you can see...  there are more than that.  Funny things happen at 3:20am!!  I need to stop or I will have like 300 goals for one year.. haha!

I really want to

Spiritual Goals

* attend the temple at least once a month (receive my endowment)
* pay my tithing on a regular basis
* pray
* read my scriptures daily
* read/watch/listen to general conference talks, firesides
* be able to serve in the best capacity of my calling(s)
* be a great visiting teacher
* be an instrument in the hands of the Lord when called upon
* receive my patriarchal blessing
* fast with a purpose
* share my testimony as much as I can
* give away a copy of The Book of Mormon
* share the gospel with someone and Introduce them to the Missionaries
* write in my journal
* Love Heavenly Father More than I do now
* Notice the Small Things
* Appreciate the Big Things
* Show Gratitute for my Trials
* See My Worth
* Read the Book of Mormon in 24 hours
* Seek Repentance when Necessary
* Show Forgiveness when Necessary
* Attend Institute
* Attend As Many YSA activities as I can
* Seek Wisdom from my Leaders
* Pray for my Leaders
* Pray for my Family
* Pray for my Friends
* Pray for my Future Spouse and Family
* Read the Book of Mormon in 30 days
* Attend FHE
* Get Rid of Fear
* Have Faith

Healthy Goals

* take care of myself with daily grooming habits
* do my hair for special events
* try to put on makeup for no reason
* exercise (Wii Fit, Zumba, YMCA)
* eat more healthy (vegetables, fruit)
* learn how to cook more
* try to eat three meals a day
* prepare meals so that I don't eat late at night
* go to bed earlier

Family Goals

* tell my family how much I love them
* be able to communicate effectively
* spend more time with them
* make them proud
* write letters to them often (email & snail mail)
* do things for them without complaint
* do things for them without being asked
* ask if they would like to do something, me to do something, etc.
* share my testimony with my family

Habitat Goals

* keep a tidy environment (try to make it calming)
* organize my books
* organize my movies
* create a binder to record what I own regarding books and movies

Personal Goals

* Be the Best Friend I can be
* Show Compassion
* don't be afraid of the phone
* get a job (leads to career in my field
* read at least one book a month
* blog often
* make cards with my cricut and mail them away
* give/toss things I don't need anymore
* give service to a community organization
* Smile Always
* Laugh
* Choose the Best
* Learn to play Piano
* Buy a Violin
* Buy A Ticket to Utah
* Travel
* Phone people for no reason, just to say Hi
* Manage Money Effectively
* Pay down Debt
* Pay family back for things they have done for me
* Put Forth More Effort into things
* Find a new skill
* Learn a new skill
* Take a night course/weekend course/day course
* Beat my Mom at Boggle
* Write Letters to Everyone for no reason
* Get to know people better
* Pin on Pinterest

Career Goals

* Apply to Jobs I am qualified for (no matter where they are)
* Prepare for every interview
* Write notes of appreciation for the interview panel/person
* Work hard at the current jobs I have, do more than what I think I can do
* Work effectively and try to leave place better than I found it
* Make sure I write letters to the people I supply for so they know what I did
* Write notes of appreciation for those people I supply for so they see that I am grateful for what I do
* Follow up after the interview with a phone call no matter what
* Accept every supply call unless the weather is really bad

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