Saturday, March 15, 2008

family, pies, and friends

tres busy day, I got to see my grandma today and that was great :)

she looks so much better than even the last time I saw her.

got to hang out with some pretty darn amazing people last night and it was fun
we made pies (which I clearly suck at but hey what can you do) I don't know how
to use a rolling pin!

and the we had a good dinner (of which i ended up having a tooth ache and didn't want to eat anymore.

but then i had ice cream and some how it always makes me feel better!

and now I've got a little bit of work left for my mom and then I can head home and go to bed
which I am so looking forward too!

oh and finishing oceans 13! I could have sworn that I had oceans 12 on vhs somewhere but i've got to get oceans 12 and 11 on dvd!!

that's it for now!


Shop Girl* said...

I still have never seen that... was it (Ocean's 13) really any good?

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!! Is this Spart's friend Jen??

Shop Girl* said...

AH! Never mind that... I figured it out!! I know who you are! YAY!

I'm so glad you read my blog!! I'll start reading yours!! :)

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