Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Really Don't Believe It..

This by far was one of the craziest days ever... well yesterday was also a crazy day but let's start with that.

On Sunday Night I had to drive my brother home to my mom's house and on the way home my battery light in my car started flickering for no reason so my mom and I checked it out and couldn't see what was wrong with the car.

So Yesterday I called the Mechanic place and they said to come right down. I also had a job interview to attend that afternoon and was 99% sure that my car would be okay and it was just the battery and I'd be able to get the battery looked after and then go onward to my job interview.


It didn't end up that way...

I got a good third into the trip when my car battery and alternator gave up the ghost and I was stranded on the shoulder of the road for roadside assistance.

I waited there for Roadside Assistance for about 1 and 1/2 hours.

I was sure glad that I was able to call Roadside assistance and the place where my job interview was because I thought I would be SUNK!

SO after the Roadside assistance came loaded my truck on the flatbed drove down the escarpment and arrived at the mechanic they found out that it wasn't just the battery at all but the alternator.

So after it was fixed with a hefty price tag.. I called the job interview place and they said that they would call to reschedule my interview.


I woke up this morning and just did my morning routine and then the phone rang.

It was a local grocery store and they were calling for me.

They told me...


WHA!! I don't believe it. I had entered a contest online through the grocery store.

It's a Dell Laptop. It's interesting to note that I had previously been looking for a laptop for a couple of weeks but nothing too serious and then WHAM! I have won one.

Here's Lappy 1525!!
(If anyone gets any part of that reference.. that would be awesome)

It completely made my day. I can't wait to pick it up!

I also called the job interview place and rescheduled my appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I'm so excited!


Louise said...

sounds like two exciting days. whoo hoo for you!

Help Que and Brittany Adopt said...

Thanks for putting up my giveaway button and thanks for reading my book! I hope you liked it. :)

-Brittany Mangus

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