Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've Come a Long Way...

So this post embarks a milestone 30 posts since this blog began, now why am i celebrating this? I am celebrating this because i've blogged in the past and never been very consistant. I very recently came across an old website of mine that was my first attempt at any blogging at all and i was amazed that i was still a pretty smart chick. It was way back when i was still studying to be a Library Gal. Wow, so little time has passed 7 years but it seems like a lifetime. I have to say my priorities have changed a little bit since then, now I'm a working Library Gal and I have changed my focus to include my crazy attempts at dating and defining myself more. I have to say along the way I do want to share things I'm extremely proud of and seriously excited for.

I can't wait to share more.. I'm trying to figure out blogger and I'm really hoping to include more of made me a remarkable person.

I'm into a little bit of everything and I'd love to know what people would want to find out.

So in the comments ask me some questions and I'll do my best to respond to them..

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the letter Bee said...

I'm celebrating a different kind of 30 in about 90 days. But I don't want to talk about that. :p Congrats on your 30th post!

Here is your question, Library Gal: If you could construct your Perfect Man out of parts from literary characters, what would he be like? (Physical and character traits)

This question is inspired by the poll going on over at austenknowsbest.blogspot.com where we are encouraged to vote for our favorite heros.

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