Monday, April 6, 2009

weekend whirlwind photo story

so whatever you can guess from these pictures is probably true

picture #1 my car
i was driving to church for general conference on saturday when i got to the bottom of the escarpment where the stop light was red and my ford stalled, I then got it restarted (thank goodness!) then promptly after conference I went to get my oil changed since getting it changed the car seems fine.
picture #2 - Jane Bennett
I think this is the second time in blog history I'm mentioning Pride and Prejudice (GO ME!) I watched it consecutavely over two days with my dad (yay dad, for watching it!) I told him that the dress Jane wears at the end when she's being proposed to is a potential wedding dress/temple dress for me, when I tie the knot & go to the temple one day! I also bought an austen inspired novel over the weekend from Mr. Darcy's point of view, should be a good read
picture # 3 - Thomas S. Monson
General Conference was fantastic. I love it when the talks are inspired and especially meaningful in my life, I have to go back and reread what I wrote when I was taking notes. Lots of fun little quotables :)
picture # 4 - Ginormica also known as Susan from Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D
went to see it two rows from the front in the movie theatre, was VERY impressed, Was even MORE impressed that sitting two rows from the front with 3D glasses didn't enduce vomitting. I may go see this movie again so that I don't have to sit that close to the front and I can score another pair of 3D glasses, they're really cool.
picture # 5 - TRUTH OR DARE
between conference sessions yesterday I hung out with two of my friends E and S who are brother and sister, they're really nice and super fun and we ate a delicious unexpected lunch (score) of pasta! Which i am learning to love all over again. I'm not a big fan of spagetti but if you put other shaped pasta on my plate with spagetti sauce without meat count me in.. and then we hung out on the front lawn and sidewalk of the church and played truth or dare. It was fun and very short lived, but it was very enjoyable. Plus the weather was really nice outside and it was bright and sunny :D


the letter Bee said...

I love that part in the 2005 P&P where Mr. Bingley follows Jane through a doorway and he touches a ribbon on the back of her dress. *sigh*

Single Girl said...

Oh I am glad you found me!
And I can't believe you dad watched p&p with you!

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