Monday, May 11, 2009

Things that I've Just got to get off my chest

*continue composting this message if necessary*

Things that may have happened recently that are of utmost importance
  • I Was Fired without warning (going on three weeks ago) don't really want to get into much more detail than I have to at the moment
  • I paid my tithing this week, yay
  • I found a paralell in the parable of the good samaritan in the little engine that could, more info about that later it's good
  • I'm almost finished my first John Green book Looking For Alaska It's been one heck of a story but it's One Heck of A Good One!
  • Had a job interview on friday for a Mat Leave it was good, need to take the time to make my brain meet up with my mouth for all the words that were missing and no i don't think I made up any words. Keep prayers and good vibes coming.
  • Going to make a stronger emphasis on doing visiting teaching for my great girls. They need it.
  • Going to try and figure out a service project for branch
  • Need to get to the temple this month! (if i ever go to take upon the endowment covenants i've got to get to the temple, i missed the last two potential trips, which is really bad for me, I'm usually a regular attender)
  • Want to take family names to do baptisms
  • Need to read scriptures more frequently
  • Need to fill up my awesome quote journal from RS lesson and other quotes i've read/heard recently.

I have more to say and Will write again shortly.. I just had to get a couple of thoughts for future reference and blog posts!

Oh and AuthorBee, I'm still figuring out my Jane Austen Guy.. Don't Worry I didn't forget!

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