Week In Review

So I hate to be the type of person who does "WEEK in Review" postings but I thought I would wait until the weekend since it has been quite a busy week.

MONDAY - It was a long weekend this past weekend and on Monday I was going to be lazy maybe finish reading a book or two, maybe watch a movie, however I was Hijacked by the SISTER MISSIONARIES to do some Fun Filled Missionary Work. It included a walk down the waterfront trail contacting, a really good teaching experience, a missionary making me eat a falafel (wasn't a fan), knocking on doors and ending up at FHE with them, and then finding out I wasn't doing the lesson after all and driving them home.

TUESDAY - Worked today, actually had a list of things to do from the librarian that's away so that was a BIG PLUS because I worked there all week, and I actually did everything, SWEET! OH THAT DAY, WAS MY CRAZIEST LONGEST DRIVE HOME EVER BEHIND A TRUCK! I never want to repeat it again, it's a good story

WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY - good tired long days of work.

FRIDAY - My friend H. and I went to the local bookstore and talked and chatted and bought some books. I am no longer allowed to buy a book until I read at least all the books I've started (7) and read all the ones I've bought but never read (39+) I'm going to see how well I do, Hey I might even save money.

SATURDAY - Crazy Day, Got to Sleep In (YAY!!) Went to See Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian (Good Movie, First one slightly better but way good) I love museums! Went to a Missionary homecoming for two guys who just got home, so nice, just hung out and chatted and ate good food, good night :)

One of the funniest things that occured every day this week was when I was driving to work everyday, I saw this sight off to the side of the road behind a fence.

It was like they were saying good morning to me and wishing me on my way. It was sweet of them.


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