Sunday, June 14, 2009

BatGate 2009

So Tonight my brother came over for a brief visit to see my dad and myself, and we had a good hour or so together before he headed over to his friends house. So Afterwards my dad and I were just talking and watching television.
When Overhead I see something FLY into the Kitchen which was a whole lot bigger than a bug but slightly smaller than a bird. It took my dad and I several moments or so to actually figure out what type of flying animal it was. Then we realized it was a bat.
It flew all over the house. Then I flipped on all the lights and closed all the bedroom and the bathroom doors so it wouldn't end up in our bedrooms and removed the screens off two of the windows and opened them.
Finally 30 to 45 minutes later the bat found it's way outside so I quickly closed the unscreened windows and it didn't come back into the house again..
It was quite the experience tonight, Fortunately this wasn't the first time we had to deal with a bat in our house. I think this is the third experience and I now know how to get a bat out of the house!
If you ever need to know how here are a couple of tips.
  • if you notice that it is a bat and are slightly fearful don't be afraid to don a bedsheet or a window screen to protect yourself
  • bats like the dark, if the bat is flying around your house turn ON all the lights so if it's dark outside the bat will eventually fly out the window
  • be prepared it will be a memorable experience for all involved.

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Brittany Marie said...

Ew!!! Que had several migrating bats move into his office building. They were coming out of the ceiling everywhere. AAAAA!!!

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