Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Great Non-Date Fiasco

So Very Recently a new guy joined the church and our fair little branch. It was great he seemed like a nice guy (and yes he is a nice guy) he's funny, and sweet, and exactly my age. So automatically I'm like sweet, I'll have someone to relate to because there is no one born in my year of birth that is a guy anymore because the last one got married (which was fine) he and I are good friends.

So this "new" guy and I have been striking up some pretty amazing conversation and I was finally ready to ask this guy out on a "date".

Here's where the trouble happened.

I wanted to make sure that he didn't know it was an actual date because I didn't want him to "run & scatter"

So I proceeded to ask him to go to the temple activity that was two weeks from the day I asked him. No problem, well enough in advance and he didn't have a problem with it.

So the next Sunday I find out that one of the councillors in the branch presidency had secured a box for the Raptors Basketball Game and he's doing a draw of YSA so that it's fair and he's pulling names. Perfect! What is always going to stand in my way of a "date"? SPORTS!

So his name gets pulled and previous to this I tell him he can't go, which he then becomes a little disappointed but he realizes that he's already made a commitment with me which he doesn't turn back on but. So I was instantly a little happier because he put his priorities in front a basketball game. I'm instantly uber excited.

So the "Temple Friday Arrives" I find out some semi-not good news that some other girl likes him which disappoints me a little, and by the time I'm in the car I've psyched myself out of having a good time, but just going to enjoy the temple no matter what.

So I pick him up and i'm a little late (mormon standard time hazard, I usually am not a MST offender but this day I was) he gets in the car makes a huge deal out of the fact that I'm 10 minutes late and then asks me if I can go pick up another girl we are both friends with on the way to the temple to come with us. BUMMER!

At that point I was a little disappointed. I was looking forward to getting to know this guy a little better and being the kind person I am I said yes and didn't worry about the "date" anymore. We have a good 3 way conversation in the car on the way up to the temple and I stop worrying about what to do, etc.

So in the baptistry I decide that I'm going to sit beside the guy before the opening prayer which is fine. Then the Baptistry coordinator makes a big deal about ysa men and ysa women shouldn't worry about boundaries when they sit on the "waiting to be baptised side" and I instantly feel like I was pointed out because I decide to sit on the said "guys only" side.

The rest of the baptistry session is fine, I sit and watch baptisms enjoy the spirit, and enjoy my time.

Afterwards the YSA all get together and have a little YSA testimony meeting and a Mix 'N' Mingle. In which he sits beside me at the testimony meeting (HOOHAW) and then we mix 'n' mingle it up where he talks to lots of people, I talk to people I don't get to see very often whom I only see if i actually go to the big institute class in the big city or go to big city dances. Then I go over and talk to the guy with this other girl whom I drove up and all is fine and good.

So then the night is over and I decide to get going (at this point in our "date" i was going to ask if he wanted to go to a local dessert place for some sweet snacks before we go home but I completely chickened out at this point.) So as we walk to the car the guy says that the girl can sit in the front and he sits in the back (total mood killer at that point for me) and the girl talks all the way home and I can't get a word in edgewise! (I completely hate this because I'm not the best conversationalist at times) I drop her off and I'm slightly more relieved because we can talk in the car again.

So we are about at his house and we're just chatting about stuff and I completely on focused on stopping at an upcoming stop sign and then, I run through it. So I then feel like an idiot. We say our goodbyes and I drive home feeling like it was a good night but a really bad night all at the same time.

So now, I have to get out of this I'm a "really bad dater" and I don't know what to do to improve because I've never had a really "good date" I'm more than ready to date anyone now though I think because I really want to have a good time and not worry about the pressure of a good date.. Just to date is experience under my belt.


the letter Bee said...

Oh boy. You could be living inside a Jane Austen novel. (Watch out for Willoughbys and Wickhams!)

Kristina P. said...

What a bummer!

Do you know Brittany?

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