Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Driven to the Point of Exhaustion

So in the past week and a half I have been places.

Lots of places in fact some of these places I have been to several times within that time period

In the Past Week and a Half I have been to: The Temple (YAY), Work at two High Schools, one where I  am an alum and the other an hour away in NOTL., Welland (For Dinner, For Work, For Family), FHE, and Institute.  On the Bulk of these nights after everything is said and done and at least a handful of times I come home after 10pm and that’s after a 1/2 hour drive out to where I live.   Last night I woke up for work @ 6am and didn’t get home after FHE until Midnight.  Extremely LONG day.

I’m grateful that I can drive and go to all these places but there have been a couple of things I have really wanted to do that I was unable to do.

SLEEP – yes I get enough but it never felt like enough.  We just had a YSA Temple conference which was great but over the two day conference (Friday & Saturday) I received about 5 hours of sleep in total.  However, with this much sleep I was able to do a baptismal session, play laser tag, dance, attend workshops and hang out with friends.

Do A Fall Photo shoot – Although this might not sound like something that I really desperately want to do, IT DEFINATELY IS. My Friend H is studying for her Photography Certificate and has done some photo sessions and I volunteered myself to be a model because I thought it would be fun to do it with someone who was a good friend and with the Fall Season UPON us.  There is a lovely scene to go with the Ridiculously Good Looking Gal that I am.

Study My Scriptures and other Church materials better and Rely on the Lord More Often – With the Loss of My Newest Set of Scriptures (lousy excuse) and the lack of time I spend in the car and working, etc. I haven’t had time to Study and read my scriptures as I would like.  The fortunate thing is that I’m praying more fervently and relying on the spirit more to direct me to the direction I should go. 

Read – Okay I have had the chance to Read while I’m at work because the LT that is normally there doesn’t give me very much to do, and I’m trying to manage my time better at work and not be on the Computer 100% of the time just doing stuff that I could be doing at home (wasting time with email, Facebook, blogging, surfing the net, performing duties that have to do with my calling, and shopping the net, yes I have been known to shop online while I’m at work) because I’m trying to focus on the Library side of things rather than the (Kicking kids off the computer thing, with the software installed on the LT computer) because I want to have further training and expose myself to as much library-ness  instead of boredom on the computer thing. So I can tell future employers that I spend the bulk of the time checking in and out, shelving, helping students, helping students research, assisting teachers finding materials, etc.  Which is the right thing to do.  So if they don’t give me anything to do or, don’t give me enough to do while I’m there for 3 days, I bring a book and read it, essentially I’m improving my reading skills so that when someone is looking for a recommendation (I read lots of Teen Lit) or needing research assistance, to picking out the facts amid the fiction in the research, I think it is definitely beneficial.

Anyway, with all that said and done. I was a SLOTH today, slept in, played on the computer, read the zillion emails, did stuff for my calling, etc.   It has been a very relaxing day and I’m glad it’s not quite over yet, I still have at least 5 hours left of my day.  WOOHOO!

I may even post again later.  SWEET!

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