Thursday, October 22, 2009

Books Lately

So I've been on this quest to read all the books I have bought within the last year and a half. Yes I have added to this list recently because I've bought a couple books but I've managed to read and get my number down so it's almost under 30.

But I wanted to share with you My Book Reviews of a couple of the titles because they were much awesomeness.

And Part of the Reason I wanted to blog was because I love to read books and I am in the Library Field so I thought Hey I could write a blog about what I read. Even though there are probably about a zillion other book blogs out there. I wanted it to just be about my lovely life and the books I read which is probably what every other book blog is about as well.
So ONTO The Books!

I've had this book on my reading list for a very, very long time and did not have the chance to read it until very recently. I've got to say that no wonder this book is an acclaimed book, The story takes place in the first two decades of the 20th Century. It was written at the beginning of the last century and published during WWII and it tells such a wonderful beautiful story. When I first began reading it the size of it daunted me a bit and the story didn't move right away but in its simplicity a wonderful story takes place. It's a coming of age in Brooklyn New York, a young girl goes through her daily life and speaks in such a wonderful voice Francie Nolan grows up living the little dream she has to grow up. Her grandmother instilled on her mother the value of education and she instilled it on Francie. You see the world through her eyes and through the good points and the bad points it is simply grand to see the industrial revolution happen through her eyes. I loved every moment of it even during the most alarming moments without giving any plot details right away, this is definately in the TEEN section at Chapters and Probably Borders & Barnes and Noble in the states. The content is definately shocking and alarming to say the least. Even with the sad moments the characters revolving Francie have their own story her aunts, her mother and father, her brother, and they are simply wonderful.

Rate it: Read it! ☼☼☼☼/☼☼☼☼☼ 4/5 Suns

So Initially when I read this book the first time, I had to return it to the library after I Inter-Library Loaned it (Borrowed it from another Library in Ontario, not my own) Because a page into it there is some ADULT content which suprised the heck out of me. It didn't go into to much detail but after reading A Handmaid's Tale. I was afraid it was going to turn into a really not fun book to read. However, with the Movie coming out and looking really good I decided to bunker down and buy it. So I Literally laid down on my couch for hours and I was hooked, the story is a little sci-fi and a little romance. I absolutely love Henry and Claire together. I loved that Henry Flashed Forward and Backward to signifigant points of his life as he figured out why he Shifted through time as he did. It went through the good and the bad days and the moments in time when Claire was on her own waiting for Henry to return from whatever point in time he had travelled to. I really have to say that although the language was colourful sometimes the story was awesome, I loved that Henry was able to exist when he was already in that time. I even thought that through their hardships their relationship was able to be as strong as it could and as honest as it could. It was such a good book, although there is some adult content and strong language(It is in the ADULT section afterall) I really enjoyed it.

Rate It: Read It unless you find that you shouldn't because of the strong adult content!
☼☼☼☼/☼☼☼☼☼ 4/5 Suns

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