Monday, October 12, 2009

Death To Turkey and Other Things

So After a Fabulous Weekend we decided to kill the already frozen turkey and eat every morsel. It was a pretty uneventful sunday of two awesome talks by some good friends, of replacing my temple recommend and trying to figure out why we now have elders in our branch, they drive me crazy, to trying to walk through the congested hallways which for our branch doesn't always end up that way since there are only about 40 of us YSA everyone decided to stand right in the middle of the hallway which left no room for me to get through.
I came home to a wonderful house full of good smelling food and no crazy brothers + girlfriend A were home yet, I was disappointed and starving and was too excited to stay at church because of my love of turkey because I couldn't eat the delightful food yet because they hadn't arrived.
Upon their arrival not much later we finished all the necessary food prep and sat down to eat our heart and stomachs out and trust me at 4am my stomach was still working to digest all the food I ate.
After we ate we played Things and even with one brother who was under the weather we pulled out some great fun. I'm so glad and grateful that I get to spend time with at least one part of my family (my elder brother is still in CowTown and my mother and grandmother were in KingTown)
So today I am bound for another turkey dinner and don't know how my stomach will take it but I'm glad that I'm able to provide transport to a gal who might not get a turkey dinner otherwise. She's super sweet She Deserves it!

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