This Library Technician... Doesn't Lie...

I was consulting The Whole Library Handbook 3 for unrelated reasons and found, on page 337, a section by Manley, "Excuses for overdue books".

"Why are librarians so obsessed with delinquent borrowers?
"The man reason, according to Dr. Wolfgang Lipkind, consulting behavioral psychologist for the Blackstone Institute of Library Studies, is that librarians as a group are very honest. In fact, his research shows that next to Roman Catholic nuns, librarians are the most honest professional group in America. Librarians, because they are so truthful, find it exceedingly difficult to tolerate patron lies. On the other hand, chronically delinquent borrowers are one of the most dishonest study cohorts that Lipkind has ever researched. The clash between the two groups is, therefore, almost inevitable."


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